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From Stage to Change

My diverse career path – from academia to operations, and a decade in classical music – revealed a common thread: a gap in social and cultural understanding. From spreadsheets to spotlights, my journey wasn't linear. Years in operations, administration, and even performing on stage revealed a hidden challenge: a disconnect between cultures and educational backgrounds. This ignited a passion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).  My lived experience and a deep commitment to DEI fueled a powerful desire to bridge this gap and create a more inclusive future. 

I empower individuals and organizations to create a more balanced understanding of DEI. Through open conversations and intersectional education, we can reimagine tradition as inclusive spaces that celebrate diversity and center human dignity. With a collaborative approach, measurable success, and accountability tools, I believe we can create a world where everyone feels valued and heard.

How We Can Work Together

I aim to establish a strong base for DEI through education, assessment, internal leadership, and clear communication.



  • Worshops & Training

  • Company-Wide surveys and audits

  • Board EDI Committee development

  • Mission & Vision Statement Development

Cultivating Inclusive Practices

  • ​Meeting Moderation and Group Trust-Building

  • Custom EDI Program Creation

  • DEI Planning


Your Reach

  • Community Outreach and Audience Development

  • Company-Wide Surveys and Audits (follow-up)

Grow Your Vision

I work with Diaz Inclusion Consulting to support clients on their DEI journey. 

"We got more out of the engagement than we could have ever imagined. It was so incredibly thorough, holistic, human-centered, positive, and inviting. This was important, especially as we were bringing folks into the work who may have been uncomfortable with IDEA. We left our work feeling energized, closer, and with a better understanding of one another after the workshops. We're also proud of the IDEA plan and feel prepared with a clear, strong direction. This process gave us confidence at an important moment in our growth. Thanks to Diaz Inclusion for being a beacon of trust."

-Marina Balko (Executive Director, Radiant Hall)

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